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What to do if you smell gas

If you smell gas or suspect you have a gas leak there are a few simple things to remember;

First of all, turn off the Gas Supply at the meter or, if you use LP Gas, turn off the bottles at the valve.

Next, if the smell is inside your property, avoid operating any electrical switches, which could create a spark, and do not use any naked flames such as matches or lighters etc, these could all provide a source of ignition for a possible build-up of Gas, and whilst unlikely it’s far better to be safe!

Open all windows to ventilate the property and then call Yanchep Plumbing and Gas, let the professionals test for gas tightness and if a leak is discovered, carry out the necessary repairs and then certify the repairs, leaving you safe, with peace of mind and free to carry on your day.

You can rely on us not to turn a drama into a crisis, we are your local Gas Experts, and with decades of experience you can be assured we wont let you down!

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